This popular group fitness class has been a staple in the Vistancia community since 2012. VF Bootcamp is designed to increase muscular strength and balance, cardiovascular endurance, and stability/mobility throughout the entire body. Each week, our bodies are challenged through a variety of different exercises and class formats to keep things fun and fresh.
What to bring: a jump rope, mat, set of 5 lb weights and a water bottle.


Hi, I'm Janae, the Owner/Operator of Vistancia Fitness Bootcamp. I am passionate about physical fitness and overall health. I have been a resident of Vistancia since 2011, and I absolutely LOVE this community. If you live in Vistancia or in a nearby area, come and see what we're all about!! If you are a former bootcamper, come see what's NEW!



Q: What does the registration fee include? 


A: The registration fee guarantees your spot for the entire session! There are only 12 spots available in each class, so space is limited.



Q: What do I need to bring to class?


 A: You will need to bring a jump rope, a set of 5lb weights, a yoga mat, and a water bottle.



Q: Is the class suitable for beginners?


A: The class is taught at the intermediate/advanced level, however, all fitness level are welcome and encouraged to attend.



 Q: If I can't make it to class at the time I selected, can I come at the time that works for me?


A: At this time, you must come at the time you selected during registration.



Q: Do you offer discounts/refunds if I am sick, going on vacation, or otherwise unable to attend?


A: Classes are held daily regardless of the number of participants present, therefore, I do not issue discounts/refunds in the case of an absence. 



Q: What would happen if a class(es) had to be cancelled due to instructor illness/emergency? 


A: In the event a class/classes were canceled at anytime during a session, planned or otherwise, the number of classes canceled would be added to the end of the session to ensure each participant receives services for the number of days purchased. In the event of an unplanned cancellation, the phone number entered during registration would be the number used to contact each participant via text message.



Q: Do you provide childcare?


A: Unfortunately, I am unable to provide childcare at this time. The nature of the workout, the space required during the workout, and the equipment used during the workout present a risk of injury to both child and/or participant.  Therefore, it is recommended that children are not brought to class.